What’s your approach toward baking?

I have many strong opinions about bakes (don’t ever use chips in your cookies, chop a chocolate bar!! put a pinch of salt in everything! never use coffee to enhance your cocoa! the messier the bake the more delicious it will taste!).

But the most important part of my baking philosophy is that desserts and baked goods should be worth the calories, and the calories are worth it when you eat something that lights up your senses. Bakes might not always add nutrition to your diet but they can add happiness to your mental and emotional health. This happens when the bake is fresh, when quality ingredients were used and when the baker kept you in mind while baking. This is how I approach baking for my family and friends.

Can I use your recipe or photos?

  • If you make one of my recipes, let me know how it goes! If you share a photo of a recipe of mine that you made, please tag me @buttermilkbysam as I’d love to see it!

  • If you want to reprint my recipe, get in touch with me at buttermilkbysam@gmail.com. Without my consent, I do not allow the republication of my recipes.

  • All of the photos on my site are copyrighted so they cannot be reprinted or used without purchase. Get in touch with me if there is a photo you are interested in!

Tell me about them recipes!

I bake… constantly! But I only share here what turn out to be truly stand-out recipes. I have a very high bar for what I post, I believe in sharing only what is truly unique in some way and at the same I want it to be totally do-able for the average baker. The recipe you end up reading about and its accompanying photos are the third or fourth try of a particular recipe. Once I get it right, I will usually do one more test to be 100% confident. I consider it a real honor when someone makes a recipe of mine, and I really want them to succeed. If it doesn’t work out - let me know and we can troubleshoot!

A note on measurements: I often write flour quantity in weight rather than cups. Even when I write cups, I probably weighed the flour when I actually made the bake (always at 120grams). A packed up of flour can weigh up to 20 more grams than a loose cup. Flour makes all the difference in a tender cake and a soft bread. Get a scale if you don’t have one!

I try to post recipes once a week, and if you’d like to get a notification for when they are posted, please follow me on instagram @buttermilkbysam where I keep my readers updated on new posts (and lots of other bakes!).