welcome to buttermilk! My goal is to make this a trove of innovative recipes you wouldn’t find elsewhere. I like to play with uncommon combinations, work with simple baking methods that can lead to deliciously complex results, and most of all to share unique baking ideas which make you grin with excitement and race to your kitchen. With each of my posts I try to contribute something different to the already saturated world of recipes and baking techniques. buttermilk is a new blog but, I have been blogging about baking for around five years now with varying identities.

I chose the name buttermilk because it is one of my favorite ingredients. I grew up on the thick-and-perfectly-sour drink, and as I grew as baker I learned that it makes bakes light and tender, and well, totally scrumptious. The first chocolate cake I made when I was 16 was a buttermilk chocolate cake. I still make that recipe today and love it dearly.

mama sam


My professional background is in political analysis with a regional focus on the middle east, and specifically on women and gender. I’m a former fulbright scholar and I spent +12 years studying and doing research but have always welcomed the distraction of perfect pie crust guides and learning how to braid challah dough. I’m not a professionally trained pastry chef but I have been baking for a long, long time. In pursuing my love of all things sweet and cocoa, I became a chocolate snob, a cookie perfectionist and a skilled babka maker. I am also someone who really, really, cares that you enjoy what I share here.

contact me

Via email! If you have questions about my recipes or if you’d like to request something, email me at buttermilkbysam@gmail.com. I’m also on Instagram @buttermilkbysam. Do email me for no reason other than to talk about cookies. I can talk for days about cookies. Days. Actually I’m not sure you want to know that much about cookies…